SAYONARA TOKYO Geishas! Tamagotchis! Edelweiß! - The Japan Varieté Revue

During its 25th jubilee year the new Wintergarten presents with SAYONARA TOKYO the most lavish show in its history – and one of the most unusual at the same time. A colourful kaleidoscope of Japanese scenes from everyday life and peculiarities between dance and acrobatics, live music and theatre, between kimono and cherry blossom, manga and anime. Sometimes visually impressive and ostentatious, sometimes plain and simply wonderful, and always with new surprises.  Read more

SPOTLIGHTS - every monday & Tuesday

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The Wintergarten in Berlin

Already when entering the Wintergarten Berlin you are drawn into a different universe by the magnificent setting of the variety theater. Dark velvet, precious wood and the unique starry sky make up an atmosphere as it was typically known for the glamorous 1920s. Leave your everyday world outside the door and enjoy an evening full of chic and that certain something.

Don’t hesitate and savor the luxury of the Golden 20s. Become part of the unique atmosphere of the Wintergarten Variety in Berlin.  Read more