The Magicians’ Show

Who would not love it - the illusion? If unimaginable things are happening and the impossible appears to be possible, the world of magic has taken over. At last a magicians’ show in Berlin – and what a show it is!

Magical and mysterious moments. Nothings is as it seems to be.

A variety of charismatic grand masters of magic arts, highly acclaimed and of international renown, sincerely tell us the truth when they pretend to deceive us in the Magical Mystery Show”.

With brand new stage technology and truly enchanting scenery in terms of light design and acoustics, the Wintergarten is transformed into a somnambulistic place of illusions. The “Magical Mystery Show” creates magical mystical places of past centuries, the cyberspace of the future, virtual worlds come to life and illusion disperses reality.

A trip into the world of the inexplicable.


A magical multiple personality par excellence takes centre stage – the Belgian master magician Rafael. A charming entertainer, mysterious magician, comedian and clown, he abducts us to a mysterious parlour of a Transylvanian castle, takes us along to the laboratory of a crazy inventor not always to be taken seriously, astounds us when he lets us perform magic ourselves and familiarises us with the illustrious circle of his magic secret society. Rafael has been awarded the coveted magician prize “Siegfried & Roy Golden Lion Award”.

Otto Wessely

The Austrian Otto Wessely, a citizen of Paris, is the Dadaist of magic, a living legend, a master of the exciting accumulation of pure nonsense. His show is a parodistic-burlesque spectacle on the brink of the abyss, which breaks the mould of a classical magic show: lovers of rubber rabbits and plush pigeons get their monies worth in the same way as fans of chain saw massacres. A living legend, to be experienced in this show.


Double Fantasy (10.11.2012 - 06.01.2013)

The “Blue Flower of Romanticism” in the world of illusions is embodied by Vitaliy and Yelena from Ukraine as Double Fantasy. In a poetic studio scene they make the dream of a painter come true, blend dance with a diversity of classical disciplines of magic in bitter-sweet melancholy.

Arthur Trace (10.11.-29.11.2012 & 02.01.-26.01.2013)

Classical and innovative, theatrical and stunning is the enchanting approach of Arthur Trace from New York. Highly acclaimed by his colleagues, he was the eighth magician in the history of the art of magic to win the gold medal of the “International Brotherhood of Magicians” for his outstanding card manipulations.

Duo Sonambul

Sonambul: They are always appearing as a pair. They come from Berlin. They look into the heads of the audience and deprive it of its sleep. Charming and with subtle humour Roman Maria von Thurau and Vivian Sommer are at home in the world of the paranormal and amaze with telepathy, mind reading and mnemotechnics.

Jean Garin (10.11-06.01.2013)

With his “Magic Screen” performance, Jean Garin is always a step ahead, even of the “YouTube” and “Facebook” generation. At a breathtaking pace he changes dimensions between virtual world and reality, dips into the matrix, is a burlesque clone and a romantic cyber poet at the same time. His visual effects are so diverse and impressive that you cannot describe them. You must experience them and (not) believe your eyes! A modern magician, who stands next to himself, in the true sense of the word.

Daniel Wurtzel

Daniel Wurtzel is already known to the German audience from “Supertalent 2011” when he fascinated a million audience with his beguilingly beautiful object performance. What appears enchanting to us, when silky sheets only carried by a vortex of air are intimately united in a Pas de Deux, is described by Wurtzel as an attempt to transform usual matter into something special, the unveiling of unexpected beauty never seen before from the distillate of the physical properties of the material. Moved by an invisible force one has the impression when watching the Wurtzel object illusion to fall out of time and stay in the magic of the unique moment.


The scenic execution of the “Magical Mystery Show” is accompanied by Dr. Marcus Doering and pmd-art. Using high-tech components developed in co-operation with André Bernhardt especially for this show, technology of the pmd-art systems allows for the designing of new spaces and illusions in which light and acoustics and their inherent control features create a new reality.


Cubic Act (09.-26.01.2013)

Also on stage during the “Magical Mystery Show”: Cubic Act, the masters of illusion from France who will replace Double Fantasy from 09.01.2013.

Lecusay Martin (30.11.-31.12.2012)

Do you like classic magic? Then get to know the magic of Lecusay Martin! Although it rarely rains in Cuba, it is raining umbrellas from the magic sky in Lecusay Martin’s show. The award-winning performance enchants with dynamics, speed and extraordinary effects in black and white contrasts. Experience umbrellas, sticks and balls in a way you have never done before. And do not close your eyes – you could miss something. The Cuban magician, who lives in Cologne, will stand in for Arthur Trace from 30.11. to 31.12.2012.


Jérôme Helfenstein (09.01-26.01.2013)

Jérôme Helfenstein, who combines classical sleights of hand with state-of-the-art technics and enthrals the audience with a new take on light and shadow. Hi replaces Jean Garin from 09.01-26.01.2013.

Jérôme Helfenstein is on 18, 19, and 01/20/2013 not in the show!

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