Visit us at Wintergarten Berlin

Let the show begin!
The evening of your unique vaudeville pleasure is getting closer and closer. To ensure that you arrive punctually at the Wintergarten Berlin, we have put together various routes for you. Whether by car, bus or even with your own chauffeur. Everything is possible.

Arrival by car – Parking

Take advantage of our exclusive Valet-Parking parking service. Our car attendant awaits you in the covered entrance area.

If you arrive by car and do not wish to benefit from our Valet-Parking Service, there are plenty of parking spaces available in the surrounding streets.

Public Transport

  • U1 – Station Kurfürstenstraße: Take the exit “Potsdamer Straße”, then go left on Potsdamer Straße for about 200 meters to the north.
  • U2 – Bülowstraße Station: Take the exit “Potsdamer Straße” and walk about 600 meters to the north.
  • S1, S2 – Potsdamer Platz Station: Walk south along Potsdamer Straße. After approx. 15 minutes you are there.
  • Bus M48, M85: Get off at the bus stop “Lützowstr./Potsdamer Str.”. After approx. 100 metres in a southerly direction you will reach the Wintergarten Varieté.
  • Bus M29: Get off the bus at “Potsdamer Brücke” and walk about 400 meters south.
  • Bus M19: Get off the bus at “Bülowstraße” and walk along Potsdamer Straße for about 400 meters in a northerly direction.

An overview of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) network can be found in this list on the BVG website. For planning down to the minute, you can
use the BVG timetable information service


You may reach the Wintergarten Berlin under:

Wintergarten Varieté
Potsdamer Straße 96
10785 Berlin


Office: 030  588 43 40
Tickethotline: 030 588 433