The graduation show of the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin



The new varieté spins

Clear the stage for SPIN!, the 15. graduates’ show of the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin, with which the class of 2019 is set to transition from education to working life.

In the graduation show SPIN! 2019 everyone revolves, and everything revolves around revolution.

“Everything is round” and is constantly spinning: Our planet revolves around the sun. Just like our planet, the sun revolves around itself. Along with Earth and all the other planets in our solar system, it spins around the center of the milky way at 220 kilometres a second. Electrons spin around the nucleus. Blood circulates within us. Thus: No life without spinning.

The young artists of the Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin can also do a few cool spins. The hula hoop spins, the diabolo rotates, the juggling clubs swirl, the aerial artist circle in the air, the acrobats do flips and the dancers pirouttes; The show is dancing. The young artists spin on and on to discover themselves and explore, develop, refine and – most importantly – showcase their abilities.

They SPIN around, are always on the move and thus a young, creative show is developed. Crazy ideas, daring acrobatics, and thrilling music are spun into a fantastic show.

The nine young artists elate under the direction of Karl-Heinz Helmschrot, and showcase the whole spectrum of acrobatic disciplines. The innovative Show SPIN! offers new ideas and presents the advancement of classic techniques.

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Absolventen-Show 2019

Tuesday, 10.09.2019

Wednesday, 11.09.2019


Tickets from € 16,00*


*10% Ticket fee & 2,00 € System fee not incl.


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