“There are days. . . “

The actor Armin Mueller-Stahl is one of the very few German stars on the international film scene. Together with the musicians Günther Fischer and Tobias Morgenstern, he now reveals a part of his own story on the CD “Es gibt Tage…”. These songs were written more than 45 years ago in the GDR. They come from a time that today seems almost as far away as the Middle Ages and yet is still very close. Mueller-Stahl was afraid for a long time to release these songs at all: “It was a wish of my wife to bring the songs back to life. During production we discovered that some of them are still very current. ”

In his songs Armin Mueller-Stahl unfolds a bizarre yet very poetic world. Many of the songs are based on metaphors – stories of animals or objects with a completely different meaning behind them. For creative minds, it was part of survival in the GDR to find a parable for everything. This thinking is also reflected on the CD. Mueller-Stahl had all these songs and thoughts in his head for decades. “When Günther Fischer sat down at the piano and I sang him some melodies, a strange march back into the past began,” confirms the 80-year-old CD debutant. “Suddenly, once again, I began to see the world through the eyes of a 35-year-old. At my age, you see things that used to be depressing as relaxed and serene. At that time, on the other hand, I could deal with everything that depressed me in bizarre songs.”

Armin Mueller-Stahl sings about sad and dark topics, but makes them heard with such carefree cheerfulness that all bitterness disappears from the songs. The time gap and the musical realization by Günther Fischer and Tobias Morgenstern helped as well. “We have tried,” says Mueller-Stahl, “to let the difficult lyrics fade out musically cheerfully or to break them with a lighter musical variation. In principle, I think that difficult issues should be dealt cheerfully. The beautiful contradiction then creates friction and makes it more interesting.”

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