On the evening of August 21st 1935, Benny Goodman had lost all hope – the tour through the US had been a flop. Only a few visitors found their way the ballrooms hired by Goodman’s agency MCA. The evening in the Palomar Ballroom in Los Angeles would be the band’s last, there was no doubt about it. The usual dance numbers were received with lukewarm applause by the audience. It was the, during the break, that Benny Goodman decided to go down playing the band’s own music. He called for the ‘hot’ arrangements: “Bugle Call Rag” was the first title. The audience stopped dancing and crowded closer to the stage. When the last tone had rung out, booming applause and cheering shook the ballroom. Benny Goodman and his musicians couldn’t know at the time, that in this moment the swing era had begun.

Benny Goodman’s orchestra combined everything necessary for a resounding success: Great musicians such as Harry James or Gene Krupa, sensational arrangements by Fletcher Henderson or Spud Murphy, and last but not least, a bandleader, who’s skill enraptured his audiences. For the following years, Benny Goodman’s orchestra dominated the US band business.

On May 30th 2019, Benny Goodman would have celebrated his 110th birthday. Following the resounding success with which ANDREJ HERMLIN and his SWING DANCE ORCHESTRA brought the legendary Carnegie Hall of 1938 to the stages of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, 2019 is set to be the year of the ‘King of Swing’. On May 28th, the orchestra will celebrate Benny Goodman’s birthday with hundreds of guests at the WINTERGARTEN VARIETÉ.

Besides the great hits such as “Don’t Be That Way”, “Down South Camp Meeting” or “And The Angels Sing”, this concert will also feature lesser known songs from the 1930’s and early 40’s in original arrangements.

Star of the concert is the New York clarinet player DAN LEVINSON, counted among the best swing musicians of the Americas. Vocals performed by ANNY and DAVID HERMLIN.


Naturally the SWING DANCE ORCHESTRA will – as usual – recreate BENNY GOODMAN’s sound absolutely authentically, including the line-up of four saxophones, three trumpets, and two trombones.

A concert featuring the inimitable music of the likely best swing orchestras of all time – “SING SING SING” – The king is dead, long live the king!

Dienstag, 28.05.2019



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