When the place of refuge becomes an incubator of revolution…

 A one-woman theatre performance in the Boudoir of the Wintergarten bathrooms.

The international film community looks to Berlin for the Berlinale 2018. Most interesting, however, are not the events of the main stage, but the ladies’ bathroom, where, in the shadow of the glamor outside, Anna-Marie parlays with her friend Robert Redford about the large and small absurdities of this world. Although Anna-Marie is at first bursting with disarming joviality, an unexpected reunion transforms the quiet refuge of the ladies’ bathroom to an incubator for a revolution of socio-politic relevance, that casts a completely new view on the #MeToo movement, with consequences that reach even the spotlights of the Berlinale.

Direction & Cast

For the very first time, director Elisabeth Engstler has realized Marita Urfey-Mülhens’ one-person-tragicomedy “BESETZT” for the stage. A very charismatic fit for the character Anna-Marie was able to be cast With Esther Zimmering, who has been performing for the stage since 12 years of age and who has received a variety of accolades as a versatile film actor.

Esther Zimmering (Foto: James Rea)

Tuesday, 04.06.2019



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