An Homage to Manfred Krug

Following the success of his 2014 album “Auserwählt” with Uschi Brüning, Manfred Krug was getting ready for his victory lap. His fans celebrated him in concert halls all over Germany. For the occasion of his 80th birthday on February 8th, Krug was planning a new CD with a selection of his favourite songs from his repertoire. New arrangements were made by Lutz Krajenski, who has worked for artists such as Jasmin Tabatabai and Roger Cicero. The Filmorchester Babelsberg and the Manfred Krug Band recorded the instrumentals, only Manfred Krug’s voice was missing now. Krug however passed away on October 21st and the album remained unfinished.

Together with the label “Künstlerhafen”, a collection of musicians, singers, and actors made the decision to complete Manfred Krug’s work. Thus, Krug’s initial, personal project evolved into an homage to a lost friend and master of his art.

Parallel to the release of the CD a concert tour was also in the works, which will now be realized. Charles Brauer, Krug’s “Tatort” partner of many years, leads through the show with a few yet untold anecdotes; Krug’s daughter Fanny, as well as his stage partner Uschi Brüning, together with Thomas Putensen and the seasoned Manfred Krug Band endeavour to make the tracks of the new CD heard, with new interpretations that really showcase the changing zeitgeist. All who are involved have entered into Manfred Krug’s world, searched for the emotions behind the stories, and conceived their own versions of these Manne-Krug-songs, making his presence felt like never before.

To the great joy of all involved, Krug’s musical companions of many years have also agreed to take part in this tour:

Wolfgang (Zicke) Schneider, Drums

Andreas Bicking, Saxophone & Flute

Matthias Bätzel, Piano

Tom Götze, Bass

Dienstag, 19.02.2019



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