MASSIMO ROCCHI – Best of 6zig

Having passed 60, the Swiss comedian with Italian Roots, MASSIMO ROCCHI invites you to a colourful celebration full of cabaret delicacies. On the menu of his diverse repertoire are pantomime, linguistic acrobatics, and comedic insights about life, the gods, and other calamities. MASSIMO ROCCHI tirelessly continues to point out the absurdities of the human condition. With playful curiosity and a poetic eye he travels the world, scorching his feet in the sand at Rimini, joining Noah in a creaky boat, asking himself if God Himself might be Swiss, solves linguistic riddles, and even discovers the most famous camel in the world.

A learned pantomime and quick-change artist, MASSIMO ROCCHI carries a varied universe of figures within himself and offers virtuous texts as well as sensuous, visual entertainment.

Montag, 10.12.2018



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