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Premiere of Marco Saß’ Book about the Westberliner Legend

The presentation of Saß’ long awaited, comprehensive work about the legendary music venue “Quartier Latin” gives occasion for an evening of live music and readings. One of the best-know rock, jazz, and blues stages of West Berlin, the new Wintergarten Varieté now occupies the walls of the “Quartier Latin” and will celebrate its precursor with an evening to remember.

The evening: Long, overcrowded nights, memorable events, strange stories, but also adversity, crises and ever new solutions. The “Quartier Latin” is brought back to life for a multimedial evening on the very stage that hosted a wild flurry of musicians and artists for almost twenty years during the wild Westberliner years. Through conversation and song, readings and multivisions, the authors of the book will commemorate artists and organisers, operators, guests and all others that worked to give the “Quartier Latin” its unique place in Berlin’s history.

The book: A mixture of image and text, with a large number of authentic photographs, documents, impressions and memories on 400 pages; An opulent picture book for friends of the legendary Quartier Latin and all who are curious about the vibrant rock and jazz history of the cultural and counter-cultural metropolis Berlin. With a lot of sympathy for its subject, the book utilizes images, documentation and text to conjure the legendary music venue and its heyday of the 1970s and 80s.

The authors: As the son of managers Christa and Manfred “Manne” Saß, Marco Saß experienced the Latin Quarter more directly than anyone else during his teenage years, and captured a wealth of impressions of the popular music venue via classic black&white concert photography. Henry Steinhau, music journalist and cultural editor, experienced more than 100 concerts at the “Quartier Latin” in the 1980s. With a relaxed, cheeky style, he leads through stories and history, narratives and stories, combining experiences and insights. Erik Spiekermann, internationally renowned designer and type designer from Berlin provides the book’s design. Well-known for creating numerous typefaces, such as the modern classic Meta and the BVG house font, as well as founding the international design agencies Metadesign and EdenSpiekermann, Spiekermann was also involved with the “Quartier Latin” in the 1970s. Through his experiences as a musician, designer, and printer of concert posters for the venue, Spiekermann was able to provide a very special contribution that is reflected in the loving design of the book.

Monday, September 24th 2018


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