A homage to Barbara Streisand? Not many would have the courage… but this artist has got what it takes!

This evening will present the fusion of two unique artists: Two singers, whose strength lies in the biggest of ballads, but who bleed rhythm all the same. Two character actors with tendencies for self-irony and ultimate glamour.

Fortenbacher approaches Streisand and her music with the utmost respect and complete dedication, with support from a trio of high-profile musicians such as Lutz Krajenski, one of the most distinguished players of the German pop and jazz scene (e.g. Roger Cicero). He arranges the music to the exact wishes of Fortenbacher: Songs such as “Woman in Love”, “Evergreen”, “The Way we were”, and “Papa can you hear me” all receive special treatments: Influences from jazz, as well as modern sounds and beats lend these songs a shiny new coat, while still staying true to the original masterpieces. The programme has run with great success at the legendary Hamburg Schmidt Theater since September 2018, with the release of a live album set for January 2019.

A fantastic concert: Elegant, humorous, and super cool

Montag, 11.02.2019



Tickets ab € 24,90*

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