Let’s Swing Once More!

The Big Band Battle – SDO vs. SDO

Double Big Band sound in the Wintergarten

Swing lovers listen up! Here is your chance to attend a Big Band Battle the likes of which you might have experienced in 1930’s in America. On this evening, Andrej Hermlin and the Swing Dance Orchestra will compete against Robin Merrill & Savoy Dance Orchestra in a legendary big band music competition. With a total of 40 musicians on the Wintergarten stage, the big band swing era is revived once again. Beyond a fantastic dancing opportunity, the audience is also presented with another fun task – choosing a winner at the end.

Dienstag, 17.09.2019


Tickets ab € 34,90*

*Preise zzgl. 10% Vorverkaufs-/Abendkassen-Gebühr,
2,00 € Systemgebühr/Ticket



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